A 27-year-old golf instructor at the Plainfield Country Club died Saturday night in New York City around 7:45 p.m. Police reported that he was hit by a Mercedes SUV after entering the intersection of East 62nd Street and Lexington Avenue on foot. Also in his company was a 30-year-old woman.

The accident resulted in the pair becoming lodged beneath the vehicle. After they were transported to an area hospital, the death of the man was made official. The hospital indicated that the injured woman was in stable condition. The 45-year-old male driver of the Mercedes received a ticket for operating a vehicle without a license. The police investigation of the accident continues.

The deceased man had been hired only a year earlier as the director of instruction at the country club. His employer regarded him as someone with an especially promising career and expected him to go on to instruct PGA Tour competitors.

Survivors in similar situations to this one may be able to seek compensation for their losses from responsible parties. If negligence was a factor in the death, survivors might choose to pursue a civil suit for wrongful death. A driver who does not have a license and causes an accident could be considered negligent. Medical expenses from the accident, funeral expenses and lost income are examples of damages that attorneys may seek for family members. Damages beyond immediate monetary costs may also be part of wrongful death suits. The loss of a loved one is usually associated with emotional costs like the loss of companionship or parental guidance in the case of surviving children.

Source: NJ.com, Plainfield County Club Golf instructor killed in NYC crash recalled as ‘class act’