Some New York workplaces are minefields of dangers despite compliance with safety regulations. Safety management entails more than the elimination of known hazards. All employees must be responsible for workplace safety, and monthly safety reviews should involve all workers, including new employees. Caution signs play an essential part in injury prevention considering that so many workers suffer fractured bones or spinal cord and brain injuries because somebody neglected to put out a ‘wet floor’ sign.

Although business owners may not refuse employment on the basis of handicaps or physical ailments, they can carry out pre-hiring physicals to create a safer workplace. The aim would be to learn about a new employee’s limitations from the start. Making the necessary changes to workstations to accommodate each worker can help to prevent workplace injuries.

Fear and anxiety in workers can cause emotional and mental injuries. For this reason, safety management must include the elimination of bullying, sexual harassment and belittling. Employers can start this process at the time of hiring by adding some questions about how new workers will handle harassment or how they will support a co-worker who is a victim of such behavior. Employees must know that there is a zero-tolerance protocol in place from the start.

Unfortunately, some New York business owners focus on profits rather than workplace safety, and the victims are usually the employees who suffer physical and psychological injuries. Fortunately, their medical expenses and lost wages are recoverable. They can claim workers’ compensation benefits, and experienced legal counsel can assist with the complicated process.

Source:, 3 Ways to Make the Workplace Safer”