Every work environment has its own unique hazards, even offices. Although administrative buildings in New York might pose different dangers than those to which construction workers and employees in the manufacturing industry are exposed, workplace safety is as important. When someone’s head is struck against a filing cabinet in a fall in an office, it can lead to the same type of brain injury a construction worker might suffer when hitting his or her head against a concrete pillar.

Falls are as prevalent in offices as in other industries and are also just as preventable. Along with the risk of concussions or brain injuries, falls can lead to a variety of bone fractures – all of which are injuries that could cause temporary disability. However, adequate attention to housekeeping can prevent falls. Immediately cleaning up coffee spills or leakages can prevent slip-and-fall accidents, and removing random objects that could cause trips can further help to prevent falls.

Ergonomic and musculoskeletal injuries threaten all admin workers, and they could cause long-term health problems and chronic pain. A box of printer paper might not seem heavy until it is picked up in a way that damages a muscle or tears a tendon. Overexertion along with repetitive motions and uncomfortable chairs can all be eliminated by ergonomic changes to fit each workstation to the person working there. Other hazards in an office environment could include insecure, over-loaded shelves and cabinets, which could fall onto workers.

Office workers in New York whose employers pay little attention to workplace safety might find comfort in knowing that they would likely be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer work-related injuries. Some injuries like those following overexertion or eye-problems caused by poor lighting might be challenged by the employer, who might claim they are not work-related. However, this is where the skills of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney come in. A lawyer can assist with the navigation of the claim and also with the appeals process if a claim is denied.