As a first responder, you put in grueling hours of hard work to keep others safe. Unfortunately, getting injured is highly likely when you put your life at risk everyday just by doing your job.

But a workplace injury can sometimes be serious enough to significantly impact your life – often for the worse. Luckily, first responders in New York have access to workers’ compensation benefits that may help you manage and recover from any work-related injury.

What injuries can first responders file for?

Because of the nature of your intense and sometimes dangerous job, you are at risk of developing a variety of both physical and mental injuries. So, New York workers’ compensation benefits for first responders will often cover specific injuries, illnesses or other circumstances such as:

Unfortunately, however, you won’t automatically receive compensation for these types of work-related injuries. You may still have to fight to receive a fair settlement from the state or from your county’s insurance provider.

The importance of the fight

Work-related injuries for first responders can be debilitating and even permanent. The costs of medical bills, ongoing treatment expenses and lost wages can have a serious impact on your financial security and mental and emotional well-being. If it seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth to demand compensation for your injuries, think again.

The importance of an attorney

Insurance companies don’t always offer fair settlements because at the end of the day, their biggest concern is not taking care of you, but making money. Therefore, an attorney is a beneficial ally to have during this difficult time.

Having someone with the knowledge and experience to handle your case can help you fight for the benefits you’re entitled to. After all, receiving fair compensation for your injuries not only means being able to support yourself financially, but also means being able to recover so you can hopefully return to work and continue serving your community.