Employers in New York are responsible for the safety and health of their employees. As part of that responsibility, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration expects employers to provide safety training to equip all workers with the knowledge of the potential hazards they may face and how to avoid injuries. Specific fields like electrical work are particularly hazardous, and thousands of victims of electrical shocks file workers’ compensation claims every year – sadly, many victims of such shocks do not survive.

The New York State police recently reported one such an incident after the electrocution of a 39-year-old subcontractor for a telecommunications company. A spokesperson for the utility company says the subcontractor worked on a broadband expansion. Reportedly, the worker threw a line over the primary electrical cables, causing the deadly electrical shock.

Authorities say the incident occurred at approximately 4:30 on a recent Wednesday. The victim was rushed to a hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival. Once OSHA is informed, the agency will likely launch an investigation as it does with all fatal on-the-job accidents.

Losing a loved one in a workplace accident is naturally a traumatic experience, and although financial relief is available, surviving family members will be unsure of how to proceed to obtain such relief. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can answer questions about the New York workers’ compensation insurance program and assist with the navigation of death benefits claims. Benefits typically include compensation to cover end-of-life expenses along with a financial package to make up for the sudden loss of income.