Authorities report that two women were left injured after they were involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a bus. The women were in midtown Manhattan when a New York bus allegedly struck them during a morning commute. The auto accident caused one of the women to suffer critical injuries.

According to reports, the two women were standing at an intersection when the driver of a private bus was traveling to the parking lot. The bus was in the midst of making a turn when it supposedly struck both of the women. The bus did not have any passengers riding in it at the time of the crash.

Both of the women were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. One of the woman suffered injuries to her foot while the other woman suffered injuries to her leg. Both are expected to survive, but one is listed in critical condition. As authorities continued to investigate the crash site, the road was shut down. It is not known if authorities issued the bus driver a citation and no other details regarding this matter have been reported.

As more details about the bus-related auto accident begin to unravel, authorities may come to a conclusion as to who was responsible for the collision. If the investigation reveals that the bus driver was responsible, then both of the women may be able to recover financial damages by filing personal injury claims against the driver and/or the company which employed that individual. The civil court system in New York may award damages as deemed appropriate if evidence of negligence on part of the bus driver is to the satisfaction of the court.

Source: NBC New York, 2 Women Hit by Bus in Midtown”