Many residents and tourists were ready to ring in the new year with their family and friends. However, New Year’s Eve came to a bitter end for one woman when a two-car accident occurred. The violent auto accident claimed the life of the 56-year-old woman and left a 24-year-old man fighting for his life at a New York hospital.

Authorities responded to the scene of an accident that unfolded just a block away from where the deceased motorist lived. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that the accident ensued when the female driver of a Nissan sedan slammed into a BMW operated by a male driver. Rescue crews immediately arrived to the scene and came to the aid of the two drivers.

Authorities have not yet determined what caused the collision. The man suffered critical injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The female driver was also transported to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. The accident is still being investigated.

This horrific auto accident has left one woman deceased with grieving family members and one other hospitalized. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, either motorist may be held liable for injuries or death suffered by the other party. If the deceased driver is deemed the person responsible for the crash, the driver of the BMW may be awarded monetary compensation if he elects to file a personal injury claim in New York against the estate of the deceased. The same rules apply for a wrongful death claim if determination of responsibility is on the driver of the BMW.

Source:, Driver dead, man critical in Queens smashup, Ken Goldfield, Mark Morales, Dec. 31, 2013