When a person in New City and the surrounding area is charged with felony drunk driving, there are many issues that he or she will have to consider moving forward in order to formulate a defense. Being charged with DWI carries with it significant ramifications that will affect a person’s life for an extended period of time, if there is a conviction. It’s important to know how to craft an effective defense, no matter the circumstances, including one’s BAC level, field sobriety test results and history of prior convictions.

A 51-year-old woman recently was arrested on felony drunk driving charges and driving without a license. Police were called on a report of a woman behaving suspiciously. They found her walking in the roadway near where her car was located. The woman failed field sobriety tests that the police administered to her. She was subsequently arrested. This is not the first incident with drunk driving for this woman. She has a felony conviction on her record from 2010.

Every DWI stop is different and the individual situation has a great deal to do with the outcome. It’s possible that the law enforcement officer initiating the traffic stop did so without just cause. Perhaps the breath test or field sobriety test was not conducted according to the rules. Or it’s possible that there’s a reasonable explanation for the driver having surpassed the BAC level. The consequences for a conviction can be harsh, including jail time, a hefty fine and the loss of driving privileges. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone deserves a sound defense.

In this case, the woman who was arrested has a prior felony conviction on her record. Now she’s facing felony drunk driving charges again. Considering her situation, it’s important to lay the foundation for a good defense. For that reason, discussing the matter with a qualified legal professional is the first thing she needs to do.

Source: The Journal News, Congers woman charged with felony DWI – again