There are many types of crimes that are associated with drugs in New York. One type of drug crime a person in New York may be accused of committing is the possession of drug paraphernalia. It is important to understand what types of items may be considered drug paraphernalia, so one can fight such charges in court if need be.

There are various types of items that may fall under the umbrella category of drug paraphernalia. For example, certain types of pipes or scales may be considered drug paraphernalia. Another item that may be considered drug paraphernalia is a syringe. In addition, if an item is used in the preparation of an illegal substance or in the inhalation, ingestion or injection of an illegal substance, that item may be considered drug paraphernalia.

There are issues, however, when it comes to determining what is drug paraphernalia and what is not. One such issue is that some types of items that may be construed as drug paraphernalia can actually be perfectly legal to use. One example is pipes, which can be used for the legal smoking of tobacco. Syringes too can be considered medical equipment. Even items such as scales have many uses. Unfortunately, a person in possession of such items may be criminally charged depending on the appearance of the item or where or from whom the item was bought.

For these and many other reasons, it is important to fight criminal charges associated with drug paraphernalia. One may be able to argue that the item at issue was sold and used for legal purposes. Seeking legal advice can be very important in such situations.