When a young person is just starting to leave the nest” and head out into the world

In general, if the prosecution decides to charge the minor, the criminal law process will probably go like this: There may be an arraignment where formal charges will be made by a juvenile judge. There may then be a hearing, wherein a juvenile court will establish jurisdiction. The accused may then have to enter a plea. If plea negotiations fail, there may be a trial in a juvenile court before a judge. If the judge determines the minor is guilty, the minor may be sentenced.

Our Rockland County firm has years of combined experience in handling juvenile law matters. We may be able to investigate the circumstances surrounding the charges. In addition, we may be able to enter into plea negotiations with the prosecution to have the charges against the minor reduced or dropped, so that the minor is able to avoid having a criminal record. Our firm is committed to protecting the futures of our juvenile clients.

The types of juvenile crimes our firm has represented are varied, but include the following: disorderly conduct, vandalism, underage drinking, traffic violations and marijuana possession. If you have a minor child who has been arrested on suspicion of a crime, our juvenile criminal defense overview may be of help.