After tracking traffic-related serious injuries and fatalities in its vehicles for many years in New York and throughout the world, Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo is making a bold promise: It will release a death-proof” vehicle by the year 2020. This announcement comes on the heels of increased safety measures in a number of other vehicles on the market.”

Volvo seeks to minimize the number of avoidable car accidents by first concentrating on the interior of the vehicle. These measures include improved airbags and safety restraints. Additionally, Volvo plans to integrate existing technologies for a safer experience. This includes its current adaptive cruise control that allows the driver to set a desired speed but adjusts that speed so enough distance is between the vehicle and other traffic on the road. Additionally, Volvo vehicles have a feature that allow for automatic braking. Features may be expanded to include full collision avoidance as well as features that are activated when it seems the driver is distracted, asleep or otherwise not in a safe state.

Volvo researchers also believe that auto accidents can be avoided by using cameras more extensively. Drivers can use cameras to look out for pedestrians and while parking. When pedestrians or other objects are in dangerous proximity, the vehicle can be made to automatically brake. Other auto manufacturers are working on autonomous and self-driving vehicles. Volvo is also in the stage of creating such technology so that a computer could be handed over power when a driver is in trouble.

Despite significant improvements in safety technology, motor vehicle accidents continue to cause serious injuries. A person who has been the victim of a collision caused by the negligence of another driver may want to have the help of an attorney in filing a lawsuit seeking financial recompense from the at-fault motorist.