It is an unfortunate fact that counterfeit currency is present in New York. A person may even unknowingly pass it on when purchasing goods. However, sometimes a person is accused of intentionally trying to use counterfeit money, leading to criminal charges.

Two men are accused of passing counterfeit currency by the Clarkstown Police Department. The alleged incidents were not related to one another, according to police. Police claim each man separately tried to pass $100 bills, which police claim were counterfeited.

One case reportedly took place in West Nyack at the Palisades Mall Lego Store and at the Gourmet Gardens in Nanuet. A 17-year-old man reportedly tried to use the bills at both locations. He is facing felony possession charges of a forged instrument.

Then, in what was allegedly a separate incident, a 28-year-old man reportedly tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at Matter of Health, also in Nanuet. He is also facing felony possession charges of a forged instrument, along with charges of harassment and petty larceny.

The manufacturing and use of counterfeit currency in New York is a felony crime. Felonies are taken much more seriously than misdemeanors in New York, and the penalties for felony crimes reflect this. Those facing felony charges, be it counterfeiting charges or others, need to understand the consequences they face if found guilty. A criminal defense attorney in New City may be able to help people facing counterfeiting or other charges understand more about these crimes.

Source: New City Patch, 2 Arrests in 2 Days for Counterfeit Bills in Nanuet