Drug crimes can range from possession to trafficking to manufacturing. Each type of offense comes with its own set of consequences, often depending on the type of controlled substance at issue. That being said, it is important that people accused of such crimes understand the charges they face and how they can defend themselves against such accusations.

Two New York men, ages 21 and 33, are being accused of possessing several types of drugs including Xanax, cocaine and heroin. Police apprehended the two men in a hotel room after a search and seizure. In addition to the drugs, police seized cash. The men are accused of selling controlled substances from the hotel room. Each man was charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to sell in the fifth degree and in the third degree.

In general, anyone accused of drug offenses has defenses at their disposal. In some situations, police may have performed an illegal search and seizure that led to the accused person’s arrest. Police are required to have a search or arrest warrant or probable cause in order to lawfully perform a search and seizure. This extends to places where an individual has the right to privacy, including hotel rooms. In other cases, the accused may be able to argue that the drugs were not theirs or even that the drugs were planted. Should one of these defenses prevail, the accused may have the charges against them dropped.

In the end, anyone facing drug charges can benefit from a strong defense, which can be the best way for the accused to ensure they are not unjustly convicted of a crime.

Source: WPTZ.com, Cash