It is one thing for a hospital to find itself the defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit based on the death of a patient. It is much more unusual for two hospitals to be named as defendants in the same lawsuit, and even more peculiar that the patient is alleged to have died in both hospitals.

Yet that is exactly what a lawsuit is alleging against two hospitals located in the Buffalo area. According to the complaint, a man was diagnosed as being dead from a heart attack shortly after being brought to the first hospital, but then – allegedly two hours after being pronounced dead – was found to still have a pulse.

The man was subsequently transferred to a second hospital the next day, where he was once again pronounced dead – this time, accurately.

According to the complaint filed by the widow of the deceased, the actual cause of death of the man was a collapsed lung, which the second hospital failed to treat in time. She also blames the first hospital for delaying treatment during the two hours between the time he was declared dead there and when his pulse was detected.

Any case of medical malpractice must be carefully examined based on its underlying facts to ensure that all possible responsible parties – whether they are individual doctors or other health care professionals, or health care institutions or other third parties – are identified and brought into the claim. A personal injury law firm that has experience with trying medical malpractice cases in New York will be able to provide such detailed and thorough case analysis to maximize the chances for possible recovery of damages.

Source: WGRZ, Widow Files Medical Malpractice Suit After Husband Dies Twice