Being accused of a drug crime is no laughing matter. Accusations of drug offenses can lead to an arrest or even a conviction that will cause the accused face the possibility of incarceration, fines and a criminal record.

Recently, New York State Police arrested a man after pulling the vehicle he was riding in over for having tinted windows. The traffic stop occurred on Interstate 87. According to police a 41-year-old passenger allegedly gave them false identification information. Upon further inspection, police found what they claim to be crack cocaine – over 30 grams worth – on the man’s person. At this point, police arrested the man, who allegedly resisted the arrest and tried to tear the bag that contained the alleged drugs. No one was harmed. The man was later found to have been carrying an additional 35 grams of crack cocaine. The man has been charged with numerous crimes, including possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering, false personification and resisting arrest. The man was arraigned and remains in the Rockland County jail.

Possession of drugs, particularly with the intent to sell, can be a serious crime. The penalties for drug offenses vary depending on the type of drug possessed and the amount of drugs found. Possession of a small amount of drugs will carry less severe penalties than possession of a larger amount of drugs. In order to convict a person of drug possession, it must be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual accused of possession knew they were carrying a controlled substance. If this cannot be proven, the defendant cannot be found guilty.

However, a defendant can be sure that police and prosecutors will not go easy on those they accuse of committing drug crimes. Those accused of drug crimes may benefit from seeking the advice of a legal professional.

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