When many people think of theft crimes, they picture someone breaking into a store or home and taking items that do not belong to them. They may not think of all the intricacies of these alleged thefts. For example, three New Yorkers allegedly used counterfeit money to pay for multiple items from Home Depot. These people were spotted on surveillance camera footage for walking out of the store with nearly $1,500 worth of multiple drill kits.

One of the three people supposedly returned to the store three days later and paid for a nearly $400 fuel kit and a $299 brush kit with nine $100 bills. Loss prevention officers recognized the man and called police. When police approached the man, he was close to his vehicle where the other two people were sitting.

Officers searched the vehicle and found nearly $11,000 in counterfeit bills under the front passenger seat and two deadbolt locks in a Home Depot bag which may have been bought with counterfeit money. Officers allegedly found 105 counterfeit $100 bills and multiple counterfeit bills in $50, $20, and $10 denominations. The thieves are accused of taking items and not paying for them altogether or paying for them with counterfeit money.

The three people were charged with multiple crimes including theft $1,000 to $10,000, possession of forged currency, and other related charges. Two of the people are currently at a detention center being held without bail, while the third person has been released on $3,500 bond.

Anytime police officers search your home, vehicle, or person, there is a chance they could be violating your Fourth Amendment rights. Discuss the facts of your case with an attorney to find out if the evidence your arrest was based on illegally obtained evidence.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Three charged with using fake money to buy Home Depot merchandise