Drivers in New York should know that there is no failsafe way to avoid getting in a motor vehicle accident. However, there is data that shows such accidents are more likely to occur at certain times and places.

While road trips present their own share of accident risks, drivers are more likely to get into an accident near their homes. In fact, motor vehicle accidents tend to occur no more than 25 miles from a driver’s home. Factors such as the relaxation one experiences when driving in their neighborhood have a significant role in the accidents.

Driving through familiar areas can result in drivers using their muscle memory rather than their active driving skills, which would make them less inclined to be on guard while driving. One example of this is drivers going home after work and realizing that they weren’t really paying attention for the length of the drive.

In order to remain safe while driving through their neighborhoods, drivers should use their seat belts properly and make an effort to remain alert. Because accidents are usually the result of unforeseen factors, such as vehicle failure, an animal crossing the street or the negligent driving behavior of another person, they can still occur in areas in which drivers are very familiar with navigating.

When drivers are not as vigilant as they should be behind the wheel, their response to the unexpected can lead to an accident. Drivers should also make a habit of wearing their seat belts, regardless of how far they have to drive.

A personal injury attorney may be able to assist people who sustain injuries in an auto accident. The attorney may pursue financial compensation from the parties whose behaviors contributed to accidents like head-on collisions and hit-and-runs. The compensation may be used for medical expenses or lost wages.