Understandably, being accused of criminal activities can cause anxiety and concern. Anyone in New York in such a situation will likely explore his or her defense options. That is likely the focus of a 24-year-old Buffalo man who is facing drug charges, including possession of heroin with the intention to distribute the illegal drugs.

The assistant U.S. attorney who is handling the case reported that the charges follow investigations into an overdose-related death. The case involves a Hamburg man who overdosed on heroin and died on March 26. Reportedly, special agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency along with Hamburg Police Department detectives managed to trace text messages on the deceased victim’s cellphone back to the accused man.

These messages enabled detectives to identify the Buffalo man as the person who supplied the heroin that caused the Hamburg man’ death. However, before the arrest, undercover agents claim to have arranged a controlled purchase during which they allegedly purchased heroin from the accused man. Authorities say a conviction could put this man behind bars for up to 20 years, and subject him to a fine of up to $1 million.

However, being arrested does not indicate guilt. The New York man can only be convicted if – and when – the prosecution actually proves this man’s guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. His legal counsel will undoubtedly focus on protecting the accused man’s legal rights while seeking a resolution to the drug charges that is beneficial to him. Sometimes, that means fighting the formal accusations at trial; other times, a plea agreement may result in reduced charges and/or favorable sentencing considerations before the court.

Source: wivb.com, Buffalo man charged with selling heroin that led to overdose death of Hamburg man”