In New York City, a taxi driver lost control of his vehicle and jumped the curb on Oct. 6, hurting two people and damaging a building. The vehicle struck the building around 11:50 a.m. hitting an eyeglass store. A vacant commercial space next door sustained most of the property damage, and no one inside the eyeglass store was injured.

Witnesses say that a pedestrian on the sidewalk outside was treated for injuries, and it is believed that this individual was struck by the car. A passenger in the rear of the cab was taken out on a stretcher and transported to a hospital for treatment. The cab driver was shaken, but the reports indicate that he was not physically injured. According to authorities, none of the injuries seemed to be life-threatening.

At this time, no official statements have been released regarding the cause of the accident, if the driver was at fault or if the driver was on duty. The police and fire departments remained on site after the car was cleared away and the scene cleaned.

When someone is injured in a car accident, they have legal options open to them. The first step is to obtain a copy of the police reports or invest in an independent investigation to determine what caused the accident and who was at fault. If it was a mechanical failure of the cab, then it is possible that the cab company may be liable for all of the damages, including the lost wages of the driver. If the driver was responsible, then he may be required to cover the property damage and physical injuries. An attorney may be able to help victims review the information to determine what the options are and who is ultimately responsible for the damage.

Source: WABC, Cab strikes building