A shopper in a New York store who slips and falls on a wet surface or is hurt by falling merchandise could pursue a premises liability lawsuit. However, a business owner can take many steps to create a culture of safety and reduce the odds that anyone is hurt because of owner negligence. It is important to note that a company is not always responsible when an individual is hurt on its premises.

For instance, a person who slips on an icy sidewalk or a wet floor would have to prove that the company did nothing to mitigate the situation. If salt is put on the sidewalk or a wet floor sign in place, that may relieve the owner from liability. Furthermore, customers and others who may pursue a lawsuit are still responsible for their own actions.

If they get hurt partially or solely because of their own carelessness, they bear some or all of the liability. However, it is always a good policy to have a safety policy and train employees based on that policy. It is also critical that employees take an active interest in creating a safe working environment at all times. Even if other steps have been taken, it never hurts to buy insurance to cover potential losses.

Those who have been hurt in an accident on another person’s property could suffer injuries that require extensive medical care and treatment. If the injuries were due to a dangerous property condition that the owner was or should have been aware of but failed to correct, an attorney could be of assistance in seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.