According to police, a drug ringleader and 10 members of the organization are now in custody. The alleged kingpin previously served 20 years in prison after he was convicted of drug charges in 1986. Police went to the Yonkers home of the 59-year-old suspected drug lord on Jan. 16 and took him into custody. He faces multiple charges that include conspiracy and several drug-related charges.

A yearlong operation that included a wiretap reportedly provided information that the alleged kingpin drove from Queens to the Bronx and Manhattan on a regular basis where he participated in drug trafficking, according to prosecutors. Investigators conducted a search of a stash house in the Bronx where they reportedly uncovered a stash of cocaine and two loaded guns. In addition, prosecutors said police also located a stash of $40,000 in cash and a drug ledger in the home of the kingpin. The man is also accused of using the U.S. Postal Service for the shipment of illegal drugs entering the country from Puerto Rico.

The drug arrests may have been assisted by the fact the suspected drug lord attempted to pressure an undercover detective to sell drugs for him. According to reports, he provided the undercover officer with illegal drugs totaling $12,000 and orders to sell them. He reportedly promised a split of the profits from the sale. Sources said this arrest puts an end to this large and active narcotics organization.

Now that this operation is complete, the members of the organization may be facing multiple charges and may need the services of an experienced criminal lawyer to represent them in court. In order to dispute the charges levied against the men, that lawyer may review the evidence of the case and introduce mitigating factors in the case, which may lead to a reduction in charges.

Source: CBS New York, Reputed Drug Kingpin Carlos Medina