Construction sites are dangerous; that isn’t exactly news. However, with the various safety measures that are supposed to be in place, it is incredible how many construction workers in New York and elsewhere still suffer injury or death due to worksite accidents every year. Most recently, several people were injured, and at least one was killed after a construction accident occurred at the Morgan General postal building.

According to reports, two construction workers were riding an elevator in the building when a fire extinguisher exploded. Both victims were transported to area hospitals with critical injuries. One victim – a 35-year-old male – failed to survive. The other victim – a 26-year-old – lost an arm in the incident. This individual’s current condition is unknown.

Three other people suffered injuries as a result of this accident, but their injuries did not occur at the construction site. Two police officers responding to the incident were involved in a car crash. Both officers and the driver of the other vehicle were taken to various medical facilities for treatment. The current conditions of these individuals are also unknown.

When New York residents suffer injuries or lose their lives while on the clock, surviving victims or the family members of the deceased may access workers’ compensation benefits to help cover their losses. Unfortunately, obtaining full coverage often proves challenging. The surviving victims of this recent construction accident, along with the family members of the deceased worker, can turn to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for assistance fighting for maximum relief – which may include compensation for lost wages, medical bills, funeral expenses and much more.