New York employees face serious slip, trip and fall risks every time they step into their workplace. Hundreds of workers die from these types of preventable accidents every year. In 2014, for example, 660 workers died after they fell from height while another 138 died after falling on the same level.

Falls from height are a common risk found in the construction industry or in workplaces where an employee may be required to work above another level. Because these types of accidents can be so dangerous, there are certain steps that employers and employees are recommended to take before starting a project. This includes conducting a job hazard analysis and completing a fall prevention plan before getting started. Employees should also be taught how to use the proper fall protection equipment for the job. If possible, guardrails and other prevention systems should be put into place. Training on properly using a ladder should also be provided to employees.

When it comes to falls on the same level, the key to preventing these potential accidents is to stay alert for slip, trip or fall hazards. If hazards are found, they should be taken care of immediately to prevent an accident. Employees should also avoid distractions, such as talking on their cellphone, while they are walking so that they can remain alert for elevation changes or steps.

If an employee suffers a workplace accident injury after tripping and falling, that employee may be entitled to workers compensation benefits if the injury was severe to require medical treatment. An attorney may help the injured worker file for workers compensation benefits, especially if hospitalization was required or if the employee was unable to work for a period of time due to the injury. If the benefits were denied, the attorney may assist with filing the appeal.