Advocating For Your Family In Nursing Home Elopement Cases

Wandering and elopement by nursing home residents are prime examples of abuse and neglect committed by a facility that should be watching over your loved one at all times.

If your senior loved one has suffered from negligent supervision in a New York nursing home or assisted living center, it is critical to work with skilled legal counsel.

We are the lawyers who work hard to tip the scales of justice in your favor. We are Braunfotel & Frendel LLC. From our office in New City, we serve families across Rockland County, the lower Hudson Valley and beyond.

With almost 30 years of combined experience in advocating for families of neglected and abused elderly relatives — and a hospital defense background that enables us to hold health care officials and their insurers accountable — attorneys Keith I. Braunfotel and Scott D. Frendel work hard to obtain the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

At Braunfotel & Frendel, we understand the challenges faced by many elderly individuals in New York nursing homes. These individuals can suffer from dementia that causes them to be confused about where they are, and why they are nursing home residents. They may roam the facility’s grounds, perhaps even leaving the premises if not properly supervised. They can wind up being exposed to extreme weather, dangerous drivers on busy roadways and high-risk neighborhoods. They can also fail to recall how to return to their nursing home, and become ill or injured.

Our skilled, compassionate lawyers show zero tolerance for improper monitoring by health care professionals. We work hard, from investigation to litigation if necessary, to tip the scales of justice in your favor. Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation.

Braunfotel & Frendel LLC In New City — Experienced Representation For Nursing Home Abuse Victims And Their Families

Nursing home residents who “wander” have no specific destination in mind. They may be totally unaware of their surroundings or degree of personal safety. “Eloping” residents have a purpose for being beyond the nursing home — the belief that they must accomplish some task outside the building. Negligent supervision only encourages this extremely unsafe behavior, putting your relative’s life at risk.

Nursing home personnel can determine the likelihood of a patient’s elopement or wandering tendencies based on the resident’s care plan. When employees fail to monitor individuals with a history of elopement, the nursing home can be held liable for an employee’s negligence — and Braunfotel & Frendel will strive to hold these facilities accountable.

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