A real estate broker well-connected to the greater New York City area, who has recently faced other legal troubles, now is dealing with several charges related to drunk driving. One of his charges is a felony.

The charges arose in connection with an injury accident. According to police, the man caused an accident that also involved a mother and her son, who was a toddler. The accident happened at an intersection, and the man struck the side of the mother’s car with his pickup. Fortunately, the family’s injuries have been described as minor.

After the accident, police say that they administered tests to the man and determined that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. In addition to the felony DWI, he also is facing several misdemeanor counts involving the possession of controlled substances.

Reportedly, the man recently lost his job at a high-powered real estate firm for what some people with knowledge of the situation described as erratic behavior. Nevertheless, the man draws a huge income from a variety of rental properties in some of the most upscale neighborhoods in New York.

However, the man is now facing time in prison, a lengthy license suspension and other significant penalties that can kill his thus far prosperous career. This is particularly so since people were injured in the accident.

Drugged driving charges can be just as serious as drunk driving charges. However, certain defenses may be available to someone accused of drugged driving. For instance, it may not be crystal clear whether someone was legally under the influence while they were driving, as that is often a judgment call. Someone accused of a DWI based on drugs should consider asking an experienced attorney about their options.