An incident occurred during a Friday morning commute in Manhattan when the driver of a taxi hit a pedestrian. The event has led to the pedestrian being hospitalized after being injured in a car accident. The injuries were significant enough to require surgery at a New York medical facility.

Authorities indicate that the accident occurred while a male pedestrian was in the midst of crossing the street. The driver of a taxi made a left turn, and, due to high amount of sun glare, he was unable to see the pedestrian. The driver crashed into the man, leaving him trapped underneath the wheel of the taxi. Upon exiting the vehicle, the driver noticed that the man was bleeding and called for emergency assistance.

The driver of the taxi was apparently in complete shock over the incident and even started to tear up. He was also fearful that he would ultimately lose his job as a taxi driver. Authorities have not issued a citation to the driver and the pedestrian was transported to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition. He is expected to have surgery performed in relation to his injuries.

The taxi driver and his employer could be held liable for the serious injuries suffered by the pedestrian. The victim, who has been injured in a car accident, is undoubtedly experiencing physical trauma and may incur large medical costs as he recovers from surgery. New York victims who are injured in car accidents due to the negligence of others have the right to pursue personal injury litigation against the other party. In this case, the victims may elect to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking reimbursement for financial losses sustained and any other anguish.

Source: CBS New York, Man Critical After Being Struck By Cab In SoHo, No author, Oct. 25, 2013