A pedestrian was hit over the weekend. The woman, who was originally in critical condition, died as a result of her injuries sustained in the car accident. The driver possibly faces criminal charges after leaving the scene of the accident. New York authorities have conducted a preliminary investigation into this matter.

Authorities responded to the scene of a pedestrian accident where a woman was discovered laying in the road. It was determined that the collision occurred on a Sunday night when a motorist hit the woman. Following the incident, the driver reportedly left the scene. After about an hour, the driver came back to the scene and spoke with law enforcement officers.

When rescue crews arrived, the injured pedestrian was discovered to have critical injuries and was transported to the hospital. However, her injuries were too severe and she later died. It’s not known if authorities issued any citations to the driver. No other details have been made available as to how this tragedy was caused.

A car accident can be traumatic when a victim has suffered serious injuries. It can be even more traumatic when the victim has died at the hands of someone else. The driver may have to face both criminal and civil charges in relation to this accident. The family of the deceased victim may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim against the hit-and-run driver to recover compensation for their suffering. Financial relief may be awarded by a New York courtroom if evidence deems the driver was negligent and caused the victim’s death.

Source: New York Daily News, Woman killed in Queens hit-and-run accident, Mark Morales, Jan. 6, 2014