Two pedestrians were walking in Argyle on Dec. 1 when a vehicle struck them on Route 197. One woman was killed in the accident that occurred around 7:16 p.m.

The two women were reportedly traveling on the shoulder of the roadway. They were facing oncoming traffic from the north while walking south, which is what is recommended by safety experts. A 58-year-old man traveling south in a Buick sedan then moved out of his lane while passing a vehicle that was in a passing zone located to the south of Saunders Transmission. The sedan struck the two women from behind.

One of the women, a 36-year-old from Hebron, died from her injuries while at Glens Falls Hospital, but the 40-year-old Argyle woman was reportedly in stable condition on Dec. 2 after suffering serious injuries that included multiple broken bones. An investigator from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that the women never saw the sedan approaching, and the sedan driver likely never saw them because the area is dark and has no lights. The driver of the Buick was traveling home from work, and the police do not suspect that the man was speeding or impaired. The driver was not injured, and it is unknown if he will face any charges.

When one is killed in an auto accident, the victim’s family could receive compensation when a negligent party contributed to causing a decedent’s injuries. If further investigation from the local authorities reveals that the sedan driver was on his cellphone when the crash occurred, for example, he may be responsible for the accident.

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