City police have arrested and charged a number of people with drug-related crimes this year. Drug offenses can be serious, so it is important for those accused of drug trafficking to take their charges seriously. A recent overdose involving fentanyl led police to charge two men with drug-related felonies.

When officers arrived at the overdose, they found a pill bottle containing multiple blue pills near the victim’s dead body. After forensic toxicology reports identified fentanyl in the victim’s system, and law enforcement began their investigation to find out where the drugs came from.

After reviewing phone records, conducting interviews and carrying out controlled drug purchases, they were able to connect two men to the victim’s death. The investigation allegedly revealed that the victim had texted one of the men multiple times regarding various drug transactions. The victim’s father says that his son had purchased Percocet, a prescription painkiller, from one of the men in the past.

Police say the victim requested ‘blue’ via text the day before his death and that the man directed the other man to give the victim the pills on the day he died. The other man reported that he had given the victim pills twice that day. The two men now face felony charges including ‘possession with intent to distribute’ and ‘conspiracy to possess a controlled substance analogue.’ The U.S. Attorney’s office believes that a fentanyl ring based in Elmira, New York may be tied to multiple overdoses this year.

If you are facing serious drug charges involving the intent to distribute, you will need an effective strategy in order to avoid significant jail time. Even if you are not completely innocent, the court may still lessen your consequences, if you have the right defense in place. An experienced New York criminal defense attorney can give you a fighting chance against the prosecutors who are trying to convict you.

Source: Press Connects, How a deadly fentanyl overdose in Elmira built into federal charges against two men