Women in New York who work in the construction industry may be interested to know that the National Association of Women in Construction and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have renewed their alliance. The goal of the alliance is to address workplace hazards that are unique to women in the construction industry. These hazards may include workplace intimidation, personal protective equipment selection, workplace violence and sanitation.

Although women comprise a small section of the construction workforce, their segment of the labor force is growing. An OSHA representative stated that the alliance will continue to push for effective solutions to the health and safety risks women construction workers face.

Construction workers and employers will be given information that addresses the recognition and prevention of workplace dangers. The alliance participants will also provide information about various OSHA campaigns, such as Heat Illness and Prevention, the Safe and Sound Campaign for Safety and Health Programs, and the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

The NAWIC was created in 1955 and is a source for professional development and educational opportunities for more than 4,000 women who work in the construction industry. The organization is just one of the groups in the OSHA Alliance Program that is dedicated to improving worker health and safety.

Partners in the alliance assist OSHA with reaching the desired audiences, including workers and employers in industries that have a high degree of hazards. The targeted audiences are able to more easily access health tools and information about workplace safety.

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