The New York City Police Department issued an appeal to the public on Oct. 8 for help identifying a man suspected of robbing people. The man allegedly displayed a knife and robbed three people in East Harlem in separate incidences.

The first incident happened near 109th Street and First Avenue on Oct. 1 at about 9 p.m. A 25-year-old man says that after he walked into his building, a man threatened him with a knife and took his Galaxy cellphone and $170.

Police have linked this incident with two others. In the second case, 24-year-old man who says he was robbed of $80 and his cellphone. That incident took place near 102nd Street and First Avenue on Oct. 2 at about 10:50 p.m. after the man walked into his building.

The third alleged robbery took place near 106th Street and Third Avenue on Oct. 5 at around 7:30 p.m. when the 45-year-old man was walking into his building. This man says that the man took $230 from him.

Police believe that the same man was responsible for all the robberies. In each instance, the witnesses say the man followed them into the vestibule of their building, displayed a knife and demanded money. The police described the individual they believe to be responsible as a Hispanic male about age 25. In addition, police released surveillance video from one of the crime, but the image is not entirely clear.

In cases like this one, where the alleged perpetrator has not been identified, it’s very easy for innocent parties to be accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Many people in New York fit the description of being a young Hispanic male, and the fact that these alleged incidents took place at night may further make it harder for positive identifications to be made. A criminal defense attorney may help anyone who has been accused of theft and property crimes by casting doubt on the identification of the perpetrator.

Source: CBS New York, Police Search For Knife-Wielding East Harlem Robber”