According to a news report, a 26-year-old Troy woman was charged on Aug. 2 in connection with a scam worth nearly half a million dollars. The woman allegedly filed a fictitious claim with the One Fund of Boston in an attempt to receive $480,000 for injuries she never incurred.

The One Fund of Boston was created to help victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. She is accused of falsifying 10 pages of medical records that claim she suffered a brain injury during the bombings and was hospitalized at Boston Medical Center for two days and Albany Medical Center for 10 days. Following a tip that she may have not have been in Boston at the time of the bombing, an investigation by the Attorney General’s office revealed she was not hospitalized in either city. She has plead not guilty in Boston Municipal Court to a charge of larceny and is due again in court on Sept. 4.

According to the same news report, a 22-year-old Boston man is due in court on the same day to face a larceny charge also involving the Boston incident. He allegedly tried to collect $2 million for an aunt who he said had lost her legs in the bombings.

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Source: Boston Herald, Accused One Fund scammer held on $200G bail in Boston”