A woman was hit by a cab driver while she was visiting the country. The woman intends on filing a lawsuit against New York City for over $27 million after being injured in a car accident by a cab driver. The collision has left the woman with an amputated leg.

After the sudden impact, the woman suffered a substantial amount of injuries to her right leg and suffered the loss of her left leg. She was forced to miss over a month of time from work. Even after returning to her job, she is only able to function at a restricted level. The driver stated that he was in the midst of an altercation with a bike courier and just wanted the biker to move out of his way, so he sped up to get in front of him. He suddenly lost control of his car and he was initially unaware that he hit someone.

The woman is displeased that the District Attorney failed to bring criminal charges against the driver and claims that the man should not have been permitted to operate a vehicle prior to the time of the accident due to his poor driving record. According to the District Attorney’s office, there was a lack of evidence to bring criminal charges against the cab driver in the immediate case. Reportedly, a defect with the computer system halted the driver from having his license suspended even though he had numerous points on his record.

The woman suffered life-altering injuries and a considerable amount of financial setbacks after being injured in a car accident. She is now confined to a wheelchair and a diminished quality of life. The woman may be able to recover the $27.5 million she’s seeking from the city of New York, if evidence demonstrates the other party’s negligence caused or contributed to her injuries and a judge or jury sides with her.

Source: New York Post, Tourist who lost leg in cab crash to sue city for $27.5M, Julia Marsh, Dec. 10, 2013