Police in Poughkeepsie arrested five men after coming to a Days Inn on Haight Avenue to investigate a large volume of people going in and out of one of the rooms. Police say that upon arrival, they discovered $2,700, a pair of handguns and 648 individual bags of heroin. As a result, three men from Poughkeepsie, a man from the City of Newburgh and a man from North Carolina now face drug charges.

The police indicted the North Carolina man and the Newburgh man on three charges of criminal possession of weaponry and controlled substances each. All three of the men from Poughkeepsie were indicted on two criminal felony charges for possession of controlled substances and weapons. A police spokesperson also claimed that one of the three was being sought by New York Parole officials.

The town police said that the investigation was conducted in cooperation with the Drug Task Force of Dutchess County. The men remained in County Jail following their arrests, and the police have also said that they may arrest other people in conjunction with this case.

Drug charges often result in serious long-term ramifications for the accused, and this may spill over to affect other people as well. Law enforcement efforts to nab other individuals in broad arrests can result in high-level charges being leveled at those who were only tangentially involved, and the criminal records that can arise after indictments may make it harder for people to obtain employment or maintain their lifestyles in the future. Criminal defense attorneys who can build stronger cases and represent the accused may be able to help them contest charges.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal, 5 men due in court on city drug