A night out at a park has ended with an unexpected fatality. A New York auto accident has claimed the life of a teenage girl after she was struck by a vehicle. The incident has also resulted in three injuries.

The incident reportedly occurred at a parking lot near the Yonkers fairgrounds. Reportedly, the driver of an SUV reversed out of his parking space in a reckless manner. Bystanders stated to law enforcement that the driver reversed at a high rate of speed. While reversing, the driver struck a number of parked cars. Once the driver was out of the parking space, the destruction continued and several pedestrians were hit, including a teenager and her 12-year-old sister.

Medical personnel arrived at the scene and transported the injured to the hospital. At last report, the younger sister is being hospitalized in critical condition. Sadly, her teen sister died as a result of her injuries.

A fatal auto accident can be emotionally and mentally traumatizing for family members, particularly when a pedestrian has died as a result. It is not known if the driver faces any criminal charges; however, the individual may have to answer to a civil lawsuit. The family members of the deceased teen may be entitled to recover financial compensation by filing a wrongful death claim against the driver on her behalf. The civil court system in New York usually awards the family monetary damages if evidence deems the driver’s actions were negligent in a manner that caused or contributed in the death. Injured victims also have rights to file personal injury lawsuits.

Source: CBS New York, 1 Dead After SUV Slams Into Pedestrians In Yonkers, No author, Oct. 11, 2013