Generally speaking, most members of the community do not expect school buses to be involved in an accident, especially a dangerous one. Unfortunately, school bus accidents seem to be becoming more of a frequent occurrence on New York roadways. A freak auto accident recently occurred in Brooklyn involving a school bus and two other vehicles. This incident resulted in injuries to four people, including the bus driver and an occupant.

The bus was carrying one other passenger besides the driver while it was traveling during an afternoon commute. The driver of the bus, for an unknown reason, suddenly crashed into another vehicle. The impact caused the bus to roll over on its side just before slamming into a truck. Authorities and medical personnel responded to the scene and discovered that several people were injured. Among the injured included the bus driver and the passenger.

Also injured in the crash was a motorist and another individual who has not been identified. The exact nature of each individual’s condition has not been reported. It is not known what caused the bus to initially crash nor is it known if there were any citations issued.

Depending on the outcome of this investigation and the extent of the victim’s injuries, the bus driver may have uphill battles to face in the courtroom. It is possible that the injured victims have sustained economic loss in addition to their pain and suffering in relation to this auto accident. Many New York victims elect to file personal injury lawsuits to recover their damages.

Source: New York Daily News, School bus accident injures 4 in Brooklyn, Todd Maisel and Thomas Tracey, Dec. 5, 2013