A New York physician with offices in Baldwin and Queens was taken into custody on allegations that he was illegally selling painkiller prescriptions to two patients. He was arraigned on two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance in Nassau County Court.

The doctor was allegedly selling oxycodone prescriptions for $250 without a medical exam or documentation. According to authorities, the doctor made nearly $1.5 million over the course of two years. The drug charges were brought against the doctor following a year-long investigation which began after police had taken one of his patients into custody. Undercover investigators posing as patients claimed to have purchased prescriptions from the doctor. If he’s convicted, he may serve as many as 15 years in prison.

New York law enforcement has been cracking down on painkiller abuse during the past two years. A person accused of selling prescriptions or prescription drugs may face serious consequences upon conviction, such as a long prison sentence or hefty fines. In such a case, a New York criminal defense attorney may review the circumstances surrounding the case to make certain that law enforcement officers didn’t break any laws or violate the rights of the accused. For example, if investigators entrapped a defendant, there may be grounds to have the case dismissed. Likewise, if any evidence has been contaminated or improperly obtained, say through illegal search and seizure, it may not be admissible in court.

If the attorney is not able to find any flaws in either police procedure or the state’s evidence, they may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on behalf of a client. Alternatively, if the case is brought to court, an attorney could prepare and present a defense argument for the defendant.

Source: NBC New York, Long Island Doctor Charged in Drug Case”