A New York physician was taken into police custody after being indicted on charges involving the illegal prescription of the strong narcotic pain-killer known as oxycodone. The charges against the man are the latest in what one source calls an ‘ongoing crackdown” on doctors who may be distributing painkillers illegally.

According to reports by local police and the Drug Enforcement Agency, the doctor is suspected of prescribing over 300,000 oxycodone pills within a two-year time period. Court documents indicate the amount of oxycodone allegedly prescribed by the man is unusually high for a doctor that focuses on the treatment of allergies, asthma and immunology. He now faces charges of illegally distributing controlled substances.

Individuals who are charged with distribution of controlled substances may face serious consequences if convicted. Those consequences might include a lengthy prison sentence, loss of medical license and lawsuits by former patients who have been become addicted to the drug.

In defending a criminal case like this one, the defense attorney may try to determine if a client’s civil or constitutional rights violated in any way during the investigation. The attorney might also review the investigation to make sure that no information that may exonerate a client is missing from the record. Additionally, the defense attorney may review the evidence to ensure that it was properly obtained and held. Any discrepancies in the evidentiary chain or investigation might give the attorney grounds for to ask for a dismissal of the charges or a mistrial.

The attorney also may be able to better defend a client during a trial by building a strong defense case. While presenting that case, the attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal on behalf of his client that could result in decreased jail time.

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