A 58-year-old woman recently lost her life. She was reportedly struck and killed by a New York cab as she was crossing the street. Multiple witnesses and construction workers came to the woman’s rescue after the auto accident when she became trapped underneath the cab.

The accident happened on a recent Friday afternoon. While the driver of a cab was attempting to make a left turn, the vehicle hit the woman as she was crossing. After the impact, the woman was thrown underneath the taxi and dragged for a considerable distance. Several witnesses of the incident rushed to the woman’s aid and some even flipped the vehicle onto its side to attempt to save her. A doorman asked her if she was okay, but there was no response.

Medics arrived at the scene and transported the woman to the hospital, where she was declared dead. A passenger who was in the taxi sustained unknown injuries and was treated at the scene. The taxi that was involved in the accident is a type of Nissan also known as a Taxi of Tomorrow.” Authorities have not filed any charges and it’s not known if any will be filed in the future.”

An auto accident can happen at any given moment and a life can be taken in just split seconds. The family of the deceased pedestrian is likely in emotional turmoil over the sudden loss that happened while she was simply crossing the street. The surviving family may have legal recourse to file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the taxi to recover damages. The civil court system in New York may award damages based upon evidence that demonstrates the taxi driver was negligent in a way that caused the crash and the death that resulted.

Source: CBS New York, Pedestrian Struck