Allegations of sex crimes can be especially onerous, due to the perverse nature of the crimes. Even mere accusations can have a significantly negative effect on the accused’s life.

A 19-year-old Brooklyn man has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman. The incident allegedly took place at approximately 1:00 in the morning. According to police, the man allegedly followed the woman and then dragged her between two vehicles and sexually assaulted her. He also allegedly brandished a gun during the incident. After allegedly committing the assault, the accused reportedly fled the scene of the act. The woman was treated at a local hospital. The man has since been charged with a felony criminal sex act.

Sex acts are taken very seriously in the state of New York. Depending on the act and the age of the victim, those who are convicted of sexual assault could face many years in prison, as well as a criminal record. What constitutes sexual assault may differ from state-to-state, but in general usually means the offensive or unwanted touching of another person in a sexual manner. Sexual assault need not occur solely between individuals of the opposite sex. Same-sex individuals can also be convicted of sexual assault.

However, there are defenses the accused may argue when it comes to accusations of sexual assault. Consent is one criminal defense strategy that in some situations may be used. In addition, just like any other crime, the accused can have an alibi showing they were not present when the alleged act occurred. In the end, everyone accused of a crime deserves a fair trial where they can tell their side of the story, in order to have the charges against them reduced or dropped entirely.

Source: CBS New York, Suspect Arrested in Bedford-Stuyvesant Sexual Assault