After spending nine months investigating, state and local police made a number of drug raids in the early morning hours in Hudson. Reports said that the Hudson Police Department was working with the New York State Police and the Catskill Police Department and that the raids took place all across the city and in Catskill.

The alleged drug offenses ranged in severity, but all of those in custody were charged with some form of felonies. Most were indicted for possessing controlled substances, and the ages of the suspects ranged from 24 to 49. One 38-year-old man was also charged with a number of crimes after being detained and attempting to flee, and only one individual, a 34-year-old mother with no prior convictions, was released on bail.

Police said that the arrests netted unspecified quantities of heroin and cocaine. Although police claim that the individuals arrested were drug dealers, reports were unclear on whether they were charged with intent to distribute. At least 50 officers took part in the actions along with police canine units and a helicopter unit.

People who get arrested as part of large drug stings may face far more severe charges than they normally would. Depending of the type of drug and the amount said to be in possession, individuals suspected of drug crimes may face lengthy jail sentences, high fines and more. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help these individuals by disputing the charges on the grounds that the drug was used to treat a medical condition, for example. The attorney may also enter a plea bargain with the prosecution for a reduced sentence if a convictions seems unavoidable.

Source: Register Star , Hudson drug raid nets 19 arrests”