A horrifying car crash injured as least six innocent bystanders on a New York City sidewalk recently. The driver, a 32-year-old man from Queens, is suspected of drunk driving and drug use in the auto accident. The specific charges against him were not detailed, but it was reported that the man has prior drunk driving arrests. He also apparently declined a request to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

Witnesses say that two cars were speeding down Second Avenue in the East Village, dodging in and out of traffic. It is not clear if the vehicles were racing one another. The vehicle that lost control struck a number of objects and pedestrians, and at least one individual suffered injuries that placed their life in danger. The remaining victims were all expected to recover, though the specific nature of their injuries was not further described.

The driver faces unspecified charges. In addition to being suspected of drunk driving, authorities apparently found drugs hidden in the socks of the accused man. That discovery was made as he was being treated for his own unspecified injuries at a New York City hospital. Presumably a toxicology test has been arranged, and the results may impact future legal proceedings.

As this case now heads to a criminal courtroom in New York City, the victims are left to struggle with their injuries. The first hope is for the full recovery of everyone hurt in the auto accident. The victims and their families will also surely follow the progress of the police investigation. Personal injury claims may be appropriate against a number of parties, including the man accused of drunk driving. In addition, the rental car company may be added as a defendant, as well as the driver and owner of the second vehicle, depending on an objective assessment of the evidence gathered as a result of the tragedy.

Source: NBC New York, Driver Jumps Curb