Sometimes, a string of fatal car accidents can occur over one weekend. New York was full of deadly car accidents that took place on a recent Saturday, killing four people. Among the incidents was a hit-and-run driver.

One of the accidents reportedly occurred when a 40-year-old motorcyclist collided with a Toyota sedan. The motorcyclist was transported to an area hospital where he died from his injuries. Just prior to this incident, authorities claim that a group of motorcyclists were apparently joyriding through Queens when a 31-year-old motorcyclist crashed into a female pedestrian crossing the street at an intersection. Following the initial impact, the motorcycle crashed into a fence and a tree.

Both of the individuals died in this incident from severe trauma. Later in the night, in another nearby city, a male pedestrian was crossing the street when a motorist struck him and left the scene. The pedestrian was killed, and authorities are searching for the driver.

When car accidents result in loss of life, the consequences are devastating for friends and loved ones. As authorities continue to search for the hit-and-run driver, it’s likely that criminal charges will be brought against him/her. In addition to any criminal charges, the driver could face civil litigation as well. Depending on liability, the families affected by these accidents may exercise their rights to file wrongful death suits against the drivers. Successfully navigated claims in New York often result in much needed monetary damages for the family of the deceased victims, including compensation for medical or funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other financial relief.

Source:, NYC crashes kill 2 motorcyclists, 2 pedestrians in three boroughs, Ryan Sit, Joe Stephansky, Dec. 22, 2013