A crash happened over the weekend that resulted in tragedy. The car accident left four people dead and three people suffering from injuries. New York authorities are still investigating the incident.

According to reports, the accident took place in the middle of the night when a Nissan sedan veered into oncoming traffic. The sedan crashed head-on into an SUV, causing two occupants in the Nissan to be ejected from the vehicle. The driver of the SUV and a female occupant suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment. Reportedly, one of the occupants who were ejected from the Nissan was deceased at the scene.

Two other occupants in the Nissan were also killed instantly. Tragically, the teen driver of the Nissan sedan later died at the hospital. Authorities are investigating the crash to determine if alcohol was a contributing factor. In addition, authorities are also reviewing the cell phones to determine if there was an exchange of texts of calls at the time.

A car accident can be dangerous and deadly for many people, and the surviving family of the deceased is likely grieving the loss of their loved ones. The occupants in the SUV have undoubtedly experienced a vast amount of pain and suffering related to their injuries. The injured parties may have also experienced lost wages and high medical expenses. The family of the deceased may wish to initiate wrongful death claims against the driver of the Nissan’s estate. Those who were injured may also have similar rights under New York law to initiate personal injury claims.

Source: NY Daily News, Head-on collision kills four