The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York had a 58-year-old bus driver arrested under the requirements of administrative code 19-190 on Feb. 13. The city law makes injuring or killing a pedestrian or bicyclist a criminal misdemeanor.

Police said the bus driver was charged in the injury of a 15-year-old girl whose left leg became pinned under his bus when it hit her while she crossed Grand Street in Williamsburg. The bus had been headed south on Union Avenue when it turned left on Grand Street. The girl was struck at that point. Authorities reported that her leg injury was severe when she went to the hospital.

Before administrative code 19-190 came into effect, vehicle accidents with bicyclists or pedestrians had usually been treated as traffic violations. A representative from the MTA commenting on the accident said the agency has made safety a priority and is always trying to improve its accident prevention strategies.

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Source: NBC New York, MTA Bus Hits 15-Year-Old Girl Crossing Street in Brooklyn; Driver Arrested: Police