Sometimes bouncers or security personnel at bars or dance clubs have to be firm when unruly patrons attempt to get past the establishment’s rules without permission. Unfortunately, one New York bouncer is facing assault charges, simply due to the nature of his job.

The incident reportedly began when a bar patron left the establishment to have a smoke break. Afterwards, he attempted to re-enter the sports bar after having been there for six hours. At this point the bouncer allegedly noticed that the patron – who was wearing shorts – was not in compliance with the upscale establishment’s dress code, which had reportedly changed. The patron would not leave the bar. At this point the bouncer allegedly threw the patron by his neck into the street.

In incidents like these, it might be expected that a customer who did not get his way would attempt to place fault on the establishment itself instead of his own actions. However, it is important not to jump to conclusions. Situations like these can be heated, and accusations can be flung around, leading to an arrest.

When a person is wrongfully charged with a crime they may need to take action fast. A criminal conviction can result in serious penalties, including a criminal record that could make it difficult to obtain a job, and could even disqualify a person from entering certain fields altogether. This is because an employer may perform a background check before hiring an individual.

That being said, in New York a conviction usually can only be used against a potential employee if the applicant presents a legitimate danger or if the conviction would affect the applicant’s ability to carry out the job itself. For these reasons it is important that those accused of a violent crime develop and carry out a strong criminal defense plan of action.

Source:, Bouncer arrested for violently throwing N.J. man out of NYC bar for wearing shorts