An employee of an auto shop died as a result of a recent car accident. The fatal car accident occurred when he was working on a vehicle. Preliminary reports suggest that a driver smashed into a parked car and then smashed into the man. New York authorities are still on the hunt for the hit-and-run driver.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday morning when the auto shop employee was working on a car that was sitting halfway in the bicycle lane. A driver of a Nissan sedan, for unknown reasons, crashed into two parked cars, then afterward crashed into the auto shop employee. The impact forced the man’s head into a minivan’s back window.

The driver of the Nissan reportedly fled the scene after the accident. Medical crews transported the man to the hospital, but he later died. At last report, the hit-and-run driver still has not been apprehended, and authorities are still searching.

As the authorities continue to investigate the car accident, the family of the deceased man is still left with the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one. If the evidence suggests negligence on the part of the hit-and-run motorist, a wrongful death claim may be an appropriate remedy. A successful claim may accomplish some sense of justice on behalf of a lost loved one and may also help recover the financial damages that unfortunately can result from these types of tragedies. Once negligence is established to the satisfaction of a New York court, it may require the reimbursement of financial damages suffered.

Source:, Man Killed in Gowanus Hit-And-Run”