An afternoon commute ended with a serious crash after the driver of a metro city bus crashed into a Chevy. Around 38 people were injured in the auto accident, leaving one in critical condition. The victims were taken to New York area hospitals. At least one person has been arrested in this incident.

Authorities indicate that the accident occurred in Brooklyn. Law enforcement officers pulled over the driver of a Chevy after a police vehicle had been struck. Authorities observed that the driver was equipped with a firearm when they approached the vehicle. He reportedly fled the scene and drove in a erratic manner and crashed into multiple vehicles before running a stop sign. The driver of the bus was unable to avoid collision and crashed into the car.

When emergency crews arrived on scene, the Chevy was so badly damaged that the occupants had to be taken out through the roof. Twelve of the victims injured suffered serious injuries and at last report are being hospitalized. At least one person from the Chevy was placed under arrest. It is unknown what charges have been filed.

An auto accident can leave victims seriously injured. Victims who suffer injury related to an accident are typically faced with mounting medical costs and are at the risk of losing wages. Depending on the severity of their injuries, victims may experience pain and suffering and elect to file personal injury claims. The victims may be awarded monetary damages if evidence proves the driver of the Chevy or the New York bus driver negligent in a manner that caused or contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted..

Source: ABC New York, MTA bus and car collide in Crown Heights, Carolina Leid, Sept. 9, 2013