Children were reportedly struck by a vehicle that inadvertently veered off the road and onto the sidewalk. Five children, who are also students at New York area schools, were injured in an accident that occurred while they were on their way to school. No citations have been reported in this auto accident.

The crash reportedly occurred on a Thursday morning while a group of students were walking to school. During their morning walk, a male driver was attempting to stop when he accidentally pushed on the gas instead of the brakes. He ran over a parking meter and a sign, then eventually struck the kids. A group of bystanders who witnessed the incident offered assistance and were able to lift the vehicle that was sitting on top of two girls.

Witnesses could hear the screams coming from one of the children that could not move her leg. The girls were eventually freed and emergency crews arrived. Authorities administered a breathalyzer test on the driver to determine if he was under the influence. Five of the students were injured and transported to the hospital. None of their injuries are critical.

Depending on the extent of their injuries from the auto accident, the victims may incur high medical costs as a result. In most circumstances, auto insurance covers injury and any damage done. However, in some instances, insurance does not cover everything, and the victim may have to come out of pocket to cover medical costs associated with their injuries. The civil court system in New York typically handles these types of claims and may award monetary damages to the victims based upon proof of negligence.

Source: ABC New York, Maspeth accident injures five students, Tim Fleischer, Sept. 12, 2013