A crash has claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy. The child was reportedly struck and killed in the auto accident when a driver crossed over onto a sidewalk. New York authorities have placed the driver under arrest and charged him with negligent homicide.

According to authorities, the accident occurred in the afternoon when two pedestrians were walking in a crosswalk. While the driver of an SUV was making a turn onto the street, he tried to bypass the pedestrians and without success, his vehicle rammed into a parked sedan. After the initial impact, the SUV veered onto a sidewalk and into another vehicle. During all of this mayhem, the driver also crashed into a nearby building.

The man drove off and inadvertently made a U-turn in the wrong direction after he became startled. He then crashed into an SUV and drove over a sidewalk curb where a child was situated. The SUV struck the child and pinned him underneath the vehicle, where he was crushed. Tragically, the boy died in the aftermath of the accident.

The fatal auto accident has left a mother with the devastating effects of losing a child. If the evidence suggests negligence on the part of the SUV driver, a wrongful death claim may be an appropriate remedy in a New York civil court. For many, a successful claim is viewed as accomplishing some sense of justice on behalf of a lost loved one and may also help recover the financial damages that inevitably result from these types of tragedies. Once negligence is established to the satisfaction of the court, it will adjudicate demands for reimbursement of financial damages sustained.

Source: New York Post, Police arrest driver in fatal Fort Greene accident, Daniel Prendergast, Nov. 3, 2013